Goodbye kanthari

The 2013 kanthari training course has come to an end. All the graduates are in the process of departure. Many laughs and tears are shared on goodbyes.. The following mail was shared by Thomas Sarko from Liberia..
Thomas’ vision is to see a Liberia where, young people express their problems through creative communication instead of riots.
All in Style of his personal dream-project Eureka Literary Cafe he wrote a Sonnet!

“Dear Catalysts,

Struggling with the right words to express my gratitude for all your individual and collective support given during the past seven months, I woke up last night and wrote these few lines, a sonnet (14 line poem) dedicated to the entire Staff and Supporters of kanthari, on behalf of the class of 2013. :
Goodbye kanthari

As the old adage, goodbye is the saddest word to say
But I’m saying it with the assurance that you have given
By helping us to rediscover ourselves in two hundred and thirteen days
Of which time, our disillusionment transformed into a passion in flames
There were times when the trail was creaky, as focus turned vague
But your peppery vigor was ample to even catalyze a dead engine

And that’s the real catalysts you are, the ones who convert dreams into reality.
Goodbye, Sab and Paul, I am inspired by your unrivaled generosity. Even
At the expense of your own comfort, you stay up day and night
Throughout the rain and sun, and against the odds, you never waver
In your strife to spice up ethical change makers to bear the light
Of hope for those who languish at the fringes of the universe.
Goodbye, Nicola, Thorsten, Priya, Garret, Andrea, Poonam, Raju, Nathalie, goodbye kanthari
Goodbye, Ajith, Santhosh, Srikanthan, Salini, Joseph, gardeners, guards, goodbye kanthari

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