Application and Qualification

What qualification do I need to apply for the kanthari course?

– You will need to have a plan for a social project/venture that will create a mindset change in your community.

– You will need to be 22 years of age or older

– Intermediary knowledge of English (reading, writing and speaking)

– Basic knowledge in using a computer

– You will need to bring High energy, be flexible, be creative, intrinsically driven, bring a high level of motivation and ownership

– For people in wheelchairs: independent mobility and daily living skills

– For blind and/or partial sighted people: excellent mobility skills, being able to use white cane

What is the deadline for the application submission?

Application for the kanthari course will be open all the time. However, June to December would be the ideal time to apply for the upcoming course. Applications that come in once the selection for the upcoming course is finalized will be considered for the next course.

I did not get a confirmation email after submitting my application. Is there any problem?

Yes. Once you submit your application successfully you will get an automated confirmation email. If you have not received it please check the application submission page once again and make sure that you clicked the ‘submit’ button. Even after a day if you did not receive the confirmation email please write to

When do I know the final result of my application?

There are five different rounds involved in the selection process. Therefore, minimum of two months will be needed for us to come back to you with the final result.

What kind of qualification will I get when completing the course?

kanthari will prepare you to start your social project/initiative. A certificate of completion will be issued to participants who complete the course successfully.

Campus Life

How are the rooms furnished?

There will be 2 participants to every room. Each room contains 2 beds, a desk, a cupboard and two chairs. There are either ceiling or wall fans. Each room has it’s own balcony and bathroom with shower, an ecofriendly “ecosan” toilet and a sink.

How will room mates be paired?

We would like to promote cross-cultural communication as much as possible, which is why we will try to pair you up with someone from a different country or continent. We are also striving to make good matches by taking into account the personal interests mentioned in your essays.

Do male and female participants share one dormitory building?

Yes, however they will not share the same rooms.

Will I be able to practice my religion on Campus?

kanthari International is a non-religious institute that welcomes everyone with or without a certain religion. To protect the institute, no religious symbols or activities can be presented inside the campus in a visible or audible way. There will be participants with different religions than your own. To avoid tensions we would ask you to practice your religion in private or in the specially designed area.

Is there a church, mosque, or temple nearby?

The only place of worship within walking distance of the campus is a Hindu temple. Churches, Synagogues and Mosques are not close at hand. They can only be reached by bus or rickshaw.

Are there sports facilities?

There are paddle boats and a place to swim. You should bring your own sports clothes and footwear. A table tennis table and gym equipment are also available. The use of the gym is only possible after having a safety introduction by qualified kanthari staff. Please note that the stay at the campus as well as swimming and use of all facilities is always at own risk .

Does the Institute have orientation and mobility instructors for blind and partially sighted participants to show them how to move about on campus and in town?

We expect blind and partially sighted participants to come with good mobility skills, but of course we are certainly happy to show them around the campus. There will be an organized tour to town where they will be shown where to do shopping, where to find bus stops etc.

Computers and Software

Do I need to bring a laptop?

Yes, In order to take notes and work on assignments a laptop or notebook is a must. Tablets or similar devices are not suitable because they will not support some of the software programs which we use here for the learning process.

What software do we use in the campus?

We wish to avoid commercial software and work primarily with Linux applications such as Open Office. The idea is to familiarize you with free distribution software. Only then will you be able to use it for your future projects and make information technology available to disadvantaged communities in your countries. For example we use Open Office and Orca, a free-of-charge screen reader, which is part of the Ubuntu package.

Will there be internet access on campus?

Limited Wireless Internet access is available in the academic block from 7.15 am to 10 pm. The kanthari internet should mainly be used for project purposes. However, additional internet access can be bought from outside privately.

What type of electric socket is used on campus?

Throughout the campus you will find the Indian 3-pin 220 volt sockets. UK and European continental plugs will usually fit. For other norms the participant can purchase an adaptor locally. (please note that you will not be able to use any equipment that is made to be used with 110 Volts)


What IT skills do I need?

During the course you will learn skills that involve taking notes, writing e-mails, writing proposals, budgets and reports etc. In order to be prepared for this, please get familiar with the following software: Excel, Word, Open Office, email client Thunderbird, Internet Explorer and any one of the Operating System like Windows, Linux, MAC etc. before the course starts.

Do we have time off during the kanthari course?

The kanthari course has a logical sequential structure. This means that one session builds up on a previous session and so on. Therefore attendance of all sessions is compulsory and it is not possible to take time off during the duration of the course. There will be some free days provided in-between the acts. Which days will be off-days will be announced at the start of the course.

Is there any exam to assess my performance?

There are no exams but there is an assignments system. If participants fail to deliver assignments, engage in a proactive, respectful, social and responsible manner it could lead to cancellation of the scholarship agreement.

What is the schedule on a regular day?
  • 07:00 – 08:00  Block 1 (exceptional)
  • 08:00 – 08:30 Breakfast
  • 09:00 – 10:30  Block 2
  • 10:30 – 11:00  Tea and Coffee break
  • 11:00 – 12:30  Block 3
  • 12:30 – 13:00  Lunch
  • 14:15 – 15:45  Block 4
  • 15:45 – 16:00  Tea and Coffee break
  • 16:00 – 17:30  Block 5
  • 19:00 – 19:30 Dinner
  • 20:00 – 21:30  Block 6 (exceptional)

This schedule is flexible – although we have a time table pattern for the year, it can change to suit the activities planned for a particular day or week.

Will I get holidays during the course period?

The curriculum will be interrupted for some days in between acts.
Exact dates will be announced once the course starts.

Financial Matters

Do I get a Scholarship, if selected for the course?

Yes, scholarships will be arranged for those who are selected. A scholarship covers the following expenses:

– Transportation within India for project related purpose
– Full boarding, including shared accommodation and meals (while staying at kanthari campus);
– Exposure visits to organisations who do similar work to increase subject matter expertise
– Course related costs, including faculty, equipment and materials; and
– Alumni program membership
*Please note: If selected, you will commit to participate in the full 12 months program.

What are the costs that need to be covered by me?

– Caution deposit of 225 Euro

– Travel expenses (flight, visa, passport) to kanthari and back to place of origin.

– Health Insurance

– Personal expenses approximately 400 to 500USD.

– any expenses that are related to your personal venture / organisation.

Since participants come from around the world, costs for travel, visa, health insurance etc vary.
Please do inform yourself in advance of costs that you will need to cover so you are able to raise the same.

What is a caution deposit?

This caution deposit is a security amount for any possible damage to kanthari’s property and/or equipment caused by participant and/or to cover any other emergency costs.

When do I need to pay the Caution Deposit?

The Caution deposit will be collected once the selection for the course is confirmed by kanthari. Within 14 days of signing the scholarship grant agreement, you need to transfer a 225 Euro security deposit to the account of the Foerderkreis Blinden-Zentrum Tibet – Braille Ohne Grenzen e.V. office in Germany. This is an international Foundation that supports the work of kanthari.

With the successful transfer of the deposit you will ensure that you will have a reserved your place in the upcoming course. The first 25 applicants who transfer the money will be able to receive the scholarship for the course in India.

How can I remit the Caution deposit?

You can remit any way you like as long as it is received in the account of the Foerderkreis Blinden-Zentrum Tibet – Braille Ohne Grenzen e.V. in Germany.

Details for transfer:
Address of BWB Foundation in Germany

Foerderkreis Blinden-Zentrum Tibet – Braille Ohne Grenzen e.V.
Im Auel 34
D-53913 Swisttal – Morenhoven
tel. 0049-2226-913403
fax. 0049-2226-913404

Bank details

Account holder:  Foerderkreis Blinden-Zentrum Tibet e.V.
Bank:    Sparkasse Koeln/Bonn
Acc-Nr.:    13806195
BLZ:    370 501 98
IBAN:     DE02370501980013806195
Keyword:     “Deposit – Your Name 2016”


Address of the bank

Branch Duisdorf.
Villemomblerstrasse 6
53123 Bonn
Telefon: 0228/6063330
Fax: 0228/6063336

When do I get the Caution deposit back?

If no emergency/damage occurs, and if your scholarship is not terminated, and/or if you do not resign from the course, the full deposit amount will be returned to you on the day you leave the kanthari campus upon completion of the first 4 acts of the course.

Medical Concerns

I am on regular medication. Will I be able to obtain the medication locally?

If it is impossible for you to bring enough medicine for a year, please inform us in advance exactly which medication and amounts you require. We will then enquire if the medication can be obtained locally. (All medications will be procured at participant’s own cost).

Does kanthari require any information on my medical condition?

Upon acceptance to the course, you are required to provide a general medical examination report, as well as the following test results:

  • Tuberculosis Skin Test
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Malaria
  • Feces Worms Test
  • Yellow Fever (if you come from a region where this disease is common)
Why do I need to provide this information?

There are two reasons why we need you to provide us with this information: In the unlucky event that you become sick during your stay in Kerala, you must be in a position to prove to your health insurance company that you are not suffering from a pre-existing condition. This way you can be sure the cost of your medical treatment will be covered by the insurance.Should you suffer from a disease that requires quarantine, such as TB or hepatitis, naturally we would want you to be cured before joining the course.
Therefore, if the test result for any of the above should be positive, it is your responsibility to get sufficient medical treatment first before applying to the course.

Where can I get medical insurance?

You can contact an insurance company in your country that offers a worldwide service. Please make sure that your insurance includes coverage for repatriation in case of severe sickness or accident. kanthari can, at your cost, arrange a health insurance in India upon your arrival to the campus, if you wish.

Miscellaneous Information

Can I purchase a local SIM card?

Yes, you can purchase local SIM cards upon arrival at the airport. There will be SIM providers like Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL etc. inside the airport and this would be the quickest and easiest way to get the SIM. You will be fully responsible for purchase of SIM card, the use of the same and for the costs of phone credit.

Can I stay in India after course?

The kanthari course lasts for 12 months. When selected, the participants commits him/herself for a period of 12 months.
The kanthari Curriculum is named “a journey in five acts”. The first 4 acts (app 7 months) are taking place in Trivandrum, Kerala. At the end of act 4, after the kanthari TALKS and certification event, participants will return home for the start of act 5 (5 months).
Also, kanthari as an organization is responsible for your stay in India only for the duration of the first 4 acts. This means that you cannot stay in India after the 4 acts are finished. It is therefore required to book your return flight within 5 days after the certification event. Pls note that the kanthari campus will close 5 days after the certification event.

Is kanthari an officially recognized training centre?

kanthari has been officially accredited by the National Quality Council which is part of the National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET). The scope of Accreditation being “leadership for social change” vocational training center.

Can I stay in India after the part of the course in India is finished?

The kanthari Curriculum exists of 5 acts that in total last 12 months (act 1- 4, 7 months which take place in India and Act 5, 5 months which take place  back home). Upon completion of the first 4 acts participants are expected to return home to start act 5. kanthari can only provide a student visa for the duration of the course in India, which means that after act 4 is over, participants need to return home.

Is public transport available to get into town or to the beach?

Buses to Trivandrum run every 30 minutes and the bus stop is at walking distance from the campus. The bus ride takes about 40 minutes and costs app. 15 rupees one way. The same journey in a rickshaw may cost between 150 and 200 rupees. The nearest beach resort, Kovalam, is accessible only by rickshaw. A one-way journey costs between 200 and 250 rupees. A Rickshaw is a 3-wheeled vehicle, which can hold up to 3 passengers at a time. It is commonly used for taxi services. The price should be agreed prior to the journey.

Will it be possible to travel to other parts of India?

The kanthari training course is very compact and traveling/sightseeing is not the scope of the program. Day trips may be organized in the local area for team building purposes. Of course you are free to travel during your off days, however, the Institute will not organize or fund personal trips. Any trips taken should not affect the attention span and participation during the course.

What drinks will be available on campus?

Coffee and tea, sometimes juice will be served in the morning and afternoon breaks. Drinking water will be available at all times. Sodas and other soft drinks can be purchased at own costs. Since alcohol consumption in public is forbidden in Kerala, alcohol is not allowed on the kanthari campus.

What food will be served?

Generally healthy and tasty south and north Indian meals are served. It has to be understood that not all meals will be suitable for everyone. Recipes and suggestions are very welcome. Lunch will be served at 12:30 and dinner at 19:00. There will always be vegetarian and non-vegetarian, as well as a spicy and non-spicy options.

May I invite friends or relatives to visit me on campus?

Relatives, friends or project related guests may visit kanthari, but only under certain conditions:

  • Guests should be announced beforehand to the administrative manager
  • Guests should always be reported to the guard when entering the campus
  • Hosts should take over all costs for food (75 rupees per meal).
  • To ensure blind participants to know who is on campus, all visitors have to introduce themselves to kanthari members at the beginning of their stay
  • Overnight stays for family members or friends of participants are generally not possible.
Can I bring my guide dog?

If you wish to bring your guide dog, all papers, vaccinations, medical care, food, transportation and others have to be financed and arranged by the guide dog holder. The guide dog holder is responsible for the well being of the dog. The dog has to be well-behaved and human and animal friendly.

How should I protect myself from insect bites?

We prefer to avoid any chemical insecticides on campus. There are some herbal ones which can be bought locally. All rooms are fitted with mosquito mesh doors and windows. In this area of Kerala there is no Malaria. kanthari campus has installed an eco-friendly anti ant/termite system which carries a ring of water around the buildings. In order for this system to work, it must be maintained properly and no food items should be openly stored in the rooms. Please help with the maintenance so that everyone can enjoy ant and termite free rooms. Allergies against certain insects should be announced to kanthari staff.

What should be my arrival and departure dates?

Exact course dates will be announced to you upon your selection. You can land in Trivandrum two days before the course starts and also we expect you to leave the campus within five days after the final day of act 4.