The kanthari campus is designed in a cost effective and eco-friendly way and offers an inspiring working environment.
In 2013 the campus was awarded as the second greenest campus in India.
Since, more eco-friendly features have been added.
Some of the Eco-friendly features are:

  • Anti-ant water channel (To keep crawling insects such as ants and termites out of the buildings)
  • Eco-Friendly Mud Buildings
  • Eco-San Toilets - The “liquids” are separated from the “solids”. The solids go into the bio-gas system and the liquids are being used as fertilizer for trees.
  • Off Grid Solar Power Plant
  • Grid Tied Solar Power plant
  • Natural Air conditioning system
  • Pedal Operated Water Pump
  • Grey water treatment system
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Vermi Composting
  • Gymnasium with Bamboo Enclosure
  • Gravity Water Siphoning System
  • Floating Solar Pumping System
  • Wind Solar Hybrid Pump
  • Solar Street lights
  • Sensor lights
  • Pedal operated Boats
  • Solar boat Motor
  • Designer fully re-mountable Circle Hut made of Treated Bamboo and Steel
  • Fish farm with Solar powered water scrubbing system
  • Solar led Pest trap
  • Organic Vegetable Garden, with solar drip irrigation system
  • Mini Duck farm
    "Beautiful campus, calm vibrant and the people there oh my God, so good, I like the atmosphere they create for students to attend various courses to enrich their potential. We don't feel like we are away from home. The architecture is fantastic, the costford team has done an amazing job in visual aesthetics and of course if the visual aesthetics are top notch who wouldn't love to use that spaces, even the seatings are beautiful.its so energetic to even observe the spaces they have created. Everyone should check out the anti ant water channel it's an amazing and easy idea which can be implemented in every house. The zoning is so cool that you would never feel the scorching sun because of the construction using locally available materials , Filler slab roofing and as an important aspect comes the vellayani lake which always provides cool breeze to the structure. Eco San toilets, Filler slab roofing, Anti ant water channel, Floating solar system, Pedal operated watering system, and much more, nothing more to say, feels like in heaven, like a heritage spot so cool." - jomin j thachankary