The kanthari campus is designed in a cost effective and eco-friendly way and offers an inspiring working environment.
In 2013 the campus was awarded as the second greenest campus in India.
Since, more eco-friendly features have been added.
Some of the Eco-friendly features are:

  • Anti-ant water channel (To keep crawling insects such as ants and termites out of the buildings)
  • Eco-Friendly Mud Buildings
  • Eco-San Toilets - The “liquids” are separated from the “solids”. The solids go into the bio-gas system and the liquids are being used as fertilizer for trees.
  • Off Grid Solar Power Plant
  • Grid Tied Solar Power plant
  • Natural Air conditioning system
  • Pedal Operated Water Pump
  • Grey water treatment system
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Vermi Composting
  • Gymnasium with Bamboo Enclosure
  • Gravity Water Siphoning System
  • Floating Solar Pumping System
  • Wind Solar Hybrid Pump
  • Solar Street lights
  • Sensor lights
  • Pedal operated Boats
  • Solar boat Motor
  • Designer fully re-mountable Circle Hut made of Treated Bamboo and Steel
  • Fish farm with Solar powered water scrubbing system
  • Solar led Pest trap
  • Organic Vegetable Garden, with solar drip irrigation system
  • Mini Duck farm

kanthari shop 'spread the spice'

‘spread the spice’ is the new kanthari shop that recently opened its doors on the Campus:
It provides the real touch and taste of kanthari through its branded and home-made products.
The shop wants to be a marketing springboard that spreads the idea and philosophy, but especially the spice and energy of kanthari into the world.
Visit us when in Kerala!