Sherin Noordheen (Trivandrum, India)

"Why do people commit suicide? Its not because they want to die, its just because they don't have the strength to live"
Sherin Noordhen from Kerala explaining about her experience of suicide and her plans to prevent suicides among youth at kanthari TALKS 2017.
Let's Live! Projects aim to prevent young adult suicides by providing a social support system and also by inculcating the youngsters with enough life skills required to face hardships in life.
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Watch Sherin's kanthari TALKS Dream speech below:

Imkong Wati (Nagaland, India)

During his 8 years of priesthood, Imkong came across many troubled youth. Some were depressed because of alcoholism and some became addicted because of depression. All he could do was praying, giving counselling and sending them away which never helped them in any way. Imkong left his priesthood to learn how to provide more sustainable help. Through Mosaic he wishes to give these troubled youth a new perspective on life.
Mosaic Nagaland is a support centre for young people who are suffering from alcoholism and depression.
Mosaic will use Sports, music, art to help people who are suffering from alcohol addiction within Nagaland.
Mosaic Nagaland already started spreading awareness about its existence through talks conducted in church as well as through the football match which was conducted last week.
The people in Mokokchung, Nagaland are now becoming familiar with Mosaic and begin to understand the seriousness of issues like alcoholism, depression and unemployment.
Mosaic Nagaland's first initiative was to use sports and job placements as a medium for working amongst alcohol addicted and jobless youths
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