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kanthari in Trivandrum, Kerala, South of India, offers a 12 month, scholarship based leadership program for visionaries who have overcome adversity and who are keen to drive ethical social change anywhere in the world. kanthari will equip participants with all tools that are required to start and run an own NGO / social enterprise or social venture.

Some participants have university degrees while others have little to no formal education; Some are blind or physically disabled, others have no disabilities at all.

What is important is a sense of ownership, motivation, creativity, talent and passion to create a positive social impact.

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130+ Social projects launched, reaching thousands of beneficiaries


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Social initiators founding grass root projects for effective social change

For example: G Karthikeyan from India initiated Sristi Village – An inclusive, eco-friendly and self-sustainable community run by persons with intellectual disabilities, disadvantaged youth and nearby villagers.

Sristi Village

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Inventors creating new products, strategies or concepts for social change

For example: Olutosin Adebowale from Nigeria runs Trash to Treasure which transforms the lives of abused women by making a variety of products out of recycled waste materials. In general it is about developing technologies that people on the margins need to participate in society. 

Image of Tosin, 2013 graduates with bags in hand made of waste

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Social entrepreneurs using business as a tool for sustainable social change

For example: Ojok from Uganda was 9 when a rebel soldier hit his head with a rifle which made him loose most of his sight. He now runs a bee keeping cooperative and has already trained about 40 blind persons to make a living from beekeeping.

Ojok Simon, 2012 graduate with his honey cans

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Activists fighting for a world free from discrimination, negative attitudes or harmful norms

For example: Jayne Waithera from Kenya is a person with albinism. The lives of people with Albinism in East Africa are endangered because witch doctors make belief that body parts of Albinos bring good luck. She advocates against these killings, fights for their rights and offers guidance to persons with albinism and their caregivers.

kanthari graduate Jayne and beneficiary

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Artists who use creativity and art as a tool for making a difference

For example: Sristi from Nepal is blind. She is a dancer and uses dance, fashion and adventure sports to Rock the blind! and to change the perception of society towards blindness around the world

Sristi, 2012 kanthari Graduate
Paul and Sabriye, kanthari founders


“How far would YOU go to make a difference?

We have experienced first hand that many people only seem to see problems. Yes, there are always a million reasons NOT to take action.
We however are looking for those who understand that ONE REASON IS ENOUGH to become a problem solver.
Are YOU the Change Maker we are looking for?”

Do you have what it takes to become a social change maker?

Are you at least 22 years old and have basic English and computer skills?
Do you have an intrinsic drive and want to bring about a positive social change in your community?

Then apply NOW to become a participant at kanthari to transform your indea into a ground breaking social project:

kanthari offers:

– tailor-made empowerment program for personal development
– skill sets in project management, planning, accounting, fund-raising, communication, social media, public speech
– access to mentoring program
– Access to a network of social change makers from 48 countries

Image one of the kanthari buildings


Image of an eye for ACT 01

The Virtual Adventure

The first act starts in a virtual world. During two and a half months, participants have the chance to test-run the start of their social initiatives. There is a choice of media workshops in the areas of video and photography, audio and radio, design and appearance or theatre.


Image of globe for ACT 02

Exposure – the “Wild World”

Grass Roots research through exposure visits to NGO’s and/or corporate organizations who work in the same field to gain subject matter expertise.


Image of mechanism for ACT 03

Preparing for the Leap

Implementation of a social project in reality (different theme every year). In 5 – 6 weeks participants work as a team and experience the highs and lows of setting up a sustainable project and to create mindset change in the local community.
Specialised workshops in:
curriculum development, social entrepreneurship, awareness and campaigning.


Image of a microphone for ACT 04

Stepping onto the Springboard

Intensive training in communicating ones’ idea to a public audience. Participants will be prepared to deliver a ten minutes Dream Speech and a 15 minutes lasting Q&A session.


Image of one person about to jump to water from spring board for ACT 05

Run, Jump and Swim!

Jump from the kanthari springboard to kickstart your personal social initiative in your community. Every one receives coaching and mentoring in the field of:

• fundraising, finance management, registration
• assessing the needs, finding beneficiaries, building a team (work environment)
• networking with media, government, supporters and other stakeholders

Participants attending session at amphi theater
2014 kanthari graduate dream speech


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Have you been affected by social ill and want to transform your dream into a ground breaking social project?

To be the part of the next kanthari training course which starts in May, apply here: www.kanthari.org/admissions

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Are you a highly motivated, creative and independent educator (we prefer the term “Catalysts”) who has the boldness to dream big and a passion to change the world. For more information: www.kanthari.org/contact-us/

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Are you an expert in a particular field and would like to put your skills to use for kanthari or a graduate project? Write to alumni@kanthari.org

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Are you at least 22 years of age, highly motivated and socially minded and want to use your skills for the benefit of kanthari or kanthari graduate projects? Apply here:

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Would you like to donate to kanthari or any kanthari graduate project? Your donations are tax deductible in India, Germany. Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland and USA. Donate here:
Make a Donation


A small chilli can make a HUGE difference!


Apply at: www.kanthari.org/admissions/



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