Blind Rocks

Sristi, a blind 2012 kanthari graduate runs “Blind Rocks”; a mobile workshop with which she travels around the world to rock the blind through dance, fashion and adventure. Sristi shared the following adventurous experience with us:

“Tomek, kanthari graduate of 2013 and I, had planned to conduct a “blind-Rocks”-workshop in Chhitup’s school for the blind in Humla, one of the most remote regions of Nepal. Chhitup, partially sighted, had graduated from kanthari in 2010 and he started his work with a mobile blind school on horseback. Humla is so remote that there are no cars, only yaks and horses and every other day a plane. We had to catch a flight from another remote village, about 18 hours away from Kathmandu. There was heavy snow fall in Humla and the plane didn’t arrive. We heard that the plane had crashed and that all passengers died. We were in shock and many people thought that we were on this plane. We are very sorry for all the people that died and for all their family members.

All my friends and family forced me to come back to Kathmandu, I should not take a risk. I was disappointed, I had prepared myself for this workshop. So I decided to rock the blind in a local blind-school and fortunately I found one. The students were happy but the teacher was not. Since Tomek is from Europe he thought we come with a bag of money. He didn’t understand that this workshop was of high value for his blind students, normally it is actually paid for by the schools. I didn’t mind the teacher’s mood, I just enjoyed to see blind children participating with full energy. Tomek is now on his way to Humla, let’s see what he will report on next”

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