Welcome to the world of kanthari!

Since 2009, over 100 social initiatives have been set up by kantharis the world over, each of which is making a difference.


We see a world transformed by ethical visionaries and spiced with integrity, equality and empathy.


We catalyse visionaries from the margins to realize sustainable social change, by providing tailored leadership training.


Through intensive training, kanthari
equips participants with all the techniques, methods and ideas they need to start up and run effective, relevant social projects all over the world.





Reaching out to “kantharis”

Our aim is to reach out and develop potential social leaders from the margins of society. The intake is based on their talent, dreams and the major adversity (Pinching point) they have overcome in life. Our aim is to hone those “kantharis”  through our innovative curriculum who have gained strength from their adversities and, being a part of a target group similar to themselves, are intrinsically driven to create ethical social change.

We define five different types of social change agents and dedicate one color to each of them: kanthari Colors




Learn about the kanthari program in 1.5 minutes by watching this video


Are you a change agent with a passion to make a difference?

Or know someone who is?

Participate in the kanthari course starting May 2017. Deadline for the application is 31st October 2016.
It is best to turn in applications as early as possible.

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