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We are happy to present Kanthari’s audio newsletter – Hot-Bite.

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Christmas Edition 2012


In this month's spicy Hot Bite we hear about:
– Surya Krishnamurthy, the founder of Soorya Stage and Film Society, the largest cultural society in the world, who visited the kanthari campus and addressed the kanthari participants
– We hear about a "Greening the mind" event that our participants organized to create awareness about environmental issues for two local schools. – – And we learn about the final event of Act One. Click below to hear all the details..


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September 2012


This month's spicy Hot Bite talks about act one of the kanthari course. During this act the participants lived and worked in Chichuhlonga, a fictitious country where they were challenged with real world problems. They had to start projects that would bring about social change in Chichuhlonga! We will hear advertisements that were created and produced by the participants, we hear from Prof Howard Yu, a visiting catalyst from IMD Lausanne, also we hear about Onam celebration and about Anja Pfaffenzeller who has left kanthari to start her social project in Brasil.

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August 2012


Hot Bite! the seventh

in which we present activities during the Kanthari course
Events and challenges in Chichuhlonga, our imaginary country
Participants and their impressions after one months of intensive training
the Kanthari team: Sandeep from India

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July 2012


Hot Bite! the sixth
In which we present our new participants and catalysts
the Kanthari curriculum with Chichuhlonga, our imaginary country Beatriz, a 2011 graduate from Peru

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June 2012


Hot-Bite! the fifth
In which we present the fourth part of our five part series
The eyes-free science camp
Our graduates – Pynhoi from India
The kanthari team – David
Where the heck are we – the end of the campus tour


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May 2012

Hot-Bite! the fourth
In which we present the third part of our five part series
The kanthari team – Santhosh
Our graduates – Yoshimi from Japan
Where the heck are we – the third stop on our tour


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April 2012

Hot-Bite! the third
In which our five part series continues
The kanthari team – meet the admin team
Our graduates – Chhitup from Nepal
Where the heck are we – the tour continues


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March 2012

Hot-Bite! the second
In which we begin a five-part series on:
The kanthari team – who we are, and why we do what we do
Our graduates – where are they now?
Where the heck are we – an audio tour of our campus


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February 2012


Hot-Bite the first
In which we introduce Hot-Bite! kanthari's audio newsletter

We are happy to present kanthari's first audio newsletter.
In this episode, we've discovered five types of kantharis who would fit
perfectly in our seven month training program.

Red: Advocates
Green: Initiators
Ivory: Entrepreneurs
Yellow: Inventors
Purple: Artists

Listen and see if you, or someone you know would be suitable for our course.