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Documentary “KANTHARI – change from within”

“KANTHARI – change from within” is the title of a feature documentary about kanthari and some of its African graduates.

Director/Film-maker:  Marijn Poels (Dutch)
Producer:  Tomek Kozakiewicz (Polish)and the SolidarityFilmDoc Foundation.

The film documents a journey of Sabriye Tenberken and Paul Kronenberg visiting “kantharis”, social change makers, each with a powerful personal story, big dream and a ground-breaking social project.

Monicah Kaguithia, daughter of a Masaai, repeatedly escaped female genital mutilation. She has developed an alternative rite of passage for girls in her community without circumcision.

Jayne Waithera has albinism. She risks her life to advocate for the rights of persons with albinism in East Africa.

Stephen Onyang lost family members due to AIDS. He now transforms the lives of HIV orphans around Lake Victoria through education and storytelling.

Ojok Simon was still a child when a rebel soldier hit his head with the back of a rifle which made him loose most of his sight. He now runs a bee keeping cooperative in the rural areas of Northern Uganda.

“KANTHARI – change from within” challenges the old notion of aid to developing countries and vulnerable social groups. It sharpens the understanding of the potential of people from the margins of society by a raw, observational style of cinematography and vivid storytelling.

Out of hundreds of films from around the world, the film was selected to be screened at the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival! The world premiere of the film will happen on the 22nd of OCTOBER 2015 at the All About Freedom Festival in the European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk Poland.

Special guests will include: Sabriye Tenberken & Paul Kronenberg (kanthari founders), Monicah Kaguithia (Masaai women rights advocate) and Marijn Poels (film director).

During the premiere a special meeting with Polish Solidarity Movement Leader Nobel Peace Laureate Lech Walesa is planned!

More on the film’s Official Website: www.kantharichangefromwithin.com
and FB page www.fb.com/kantharichangefromwithin



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