Quarterly newsletter 4-2015

The year 2015 has come to an end and it sure was an eventful one in many ways. It has become clear that the world is facing many challenges that require action of problem solvers. We are happy to inform you that another 24 of such problem solvers have returned home to start their own social ventures and initiatives that will make the world around them a better place. In this quarterly report we would like to share the highlights of the past 3 months.

Act 4: Dream speeches

At the start of act 4 an intensive time was awaiting the participants. Over the first 3 acts the participants have given their vision and mission a lot of thoughts and many practical skills were learned that help turning these visions into real substantial social ventures and initiatives. One very important aspect is to communicate your ideas to your beneficiaries, to future colleagues, to potential donors, to the media, basically to the world at large. Act 4 very much concentrates on communication and the preparation of the Dream Speeches which have become a kanthari tradition. The Dream Speeches were presented to a live audience and an international panel of specialists. Directly after the Dream Speech was presented, the panel members and viewers who followed the presentations via the livestream, challenged the participants by asking critical questions. All Speeches have been recorded and we are working hard on the editing of the same. When they are all completed we will upload them on our website.

Act 5: The Sky is the limit

On the 11th of December 2015 the certification ceremony day with the theme “Spread the Spice’ took place. Yes, certification and not graduation. This is a change in the “journey in five acts Curriculum”. Only if act 5 is successfully completed, the participant will graduate from the course. The event had over 150 people in attendance, who upon completion were treated to an evening of music by the music band ‘Soul Jam’. Our 24 participants from 14 countries have returned home to start their own social ventures and initiatives.

kanthari Award  2015

During the certification ceremony kanthari awarded Ms Daya Bai.
Ms ‪Daya Bai is a social activist from Kerala working for the upliftment of tribals in central India.
During the certification ceremony, kanthari awarded her with the 2015‪ kanthari award for her

lifetime achievement. Ms Daya Bai surely honors the meaning of kanthari, she has shown and still shows that a small chili can make a huge difference! She delivered a spicy speech wishing all the kantharis good luck with the realization of their planned ventures and initiatives.

kanthari graduates

In this newsletter we wish to share 5 updates about already established initiatives of kanthari graduates who create a positive impact for their target groups;

Kerala, India:
George K Thomas (2013 kanthari) organized a Freedom on wheels Camp in Trivandrum. He prepared and distributed medical kits for accident victims and there was a rally during which he met with Kerala’s Chief Minister Oommen Chandy. During this event a petition was handed to the government with a call to hire people in wheelchairs to work as CCTV operators.

Nigeria: Olufunbi Falanyi (2013 kanthari) from Nigeria received a “Future Award”. 30 young Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 31, who have made an outstanding achievement, were celebrated. Funbi’s Award was in the Enterprise Support Category, as a person who has excelled in running an organization whose service or work enhances support or provides solutions for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. Congratulations Funbi!

Liberia: Kaprie Kanu (2010 kanthari) and Sahr Yilia (2009 kanthari) from Liberia faced difficult times during the Ebola Epidemic. Recently 12 sets of refurbished flat-screen Desktop Computers, were donated by a UK-based charitable organisation. They are now realizing a Community Inclusive Skills Training Academy (CISTA) for youth including those with disabilities, particularly the blind and visually impaired so as to help bridge the educational gap for marginalized youth in Liberia.

The Gambia: As part of 6month inclusive sensitization campaign, Charles DeGold (2014 kanthari) and his “Start Now” team visited The Gambia College and conducted a presentation that was attended by over 400 students. The aim was to promote Start Now’s computer, orientation and adjustment trainings for the blind as well as its new mentorship program.

Nepal: Sarita Lamichhane (2014 kanthari) from Nepal started the organisation “Prayatna” . She recently conducted psycho-social counseling training for 25 (disabled persons and parents) in Lalitpur. Psycho-social counseling, personality development training and Braille were some of the topics that were part of the training at Amar Jyoti Higher Secondary School a little outside of Kathmandu. The participants of the training felt very empowered and now want to take their lives in their own hands despite the difficult circumstances in Nepal after the earthquake.

kanthari in the media:

Book “The Dream Workshop of Kerala, learning to change the world” more info here
The following articles were published in relation to the new book and are in German:
– Freitagsblogger: Artikel Dominique Goetz: https://freitagsbloggers.wordpress.com/
Rheinische Post
Bonner Rundschau

TV appearances
Das! Rote Sofa (Germany)
Aeschbacher (Switzerland)
Volle Kanne (Germany)


On the 22nd of October, the documentary “kanthari: change from within” premiered at the All About Freedom Film Festival in Gdansk, Poland. Polish ex-president and Solidarity Movement Leader Lech Walesa who received the film at a special appointment said that the film is not only interesting but a must see! A few weeks later the film received the audience award at the International Film Festiwal HumanDoc 2015 in Warsaw. Watch the trailer here.


Dear Friends,

on behalf of all our participants we wish to say thank you for your ongoing support.
Thank you also for helping us by sharing this newsletter.

The intake process for the next kanthari course that starts in May 2016 is in process. If you know anyone who has overcome adversity and because of that carries a plan for social change, pls ask him/her to apply via www.kanthari.org! 

We wish you all the very best for 2016,

the entire kanthari team, paul and sabriye





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