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Quarterly newsletter 2-2017

Start of 2017 kanthari course

for the 2017 kanthari leadership training program, we received more than 300 applications from all over the world. Out of these 24 participants were selected who started the course in the beginning of May. They come from 12 different countries which are:  Cameroon, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Latvia, Nigeria, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda and Zimbabwe. The start was very vibrant and it was inspiring to see how over the past few months, they have become one  group that very well understands the importance of peer support and peer-learning.
Act one of the Journey in Five Acts unique kanthari Curriculum started very off very well and currently is moving ahead in great speed.

updates kanthari graduates

Zimbabwe: Nangha Trust, Chipo Chikomo
“Days for Girls” (DFG) is an action that is supported by 2013 kanthari Chipo Chikomo’s organization ‘Nangha Trust”. Chipo promotes re-usable sanitary pads that are part of the DFG menstruation kits. During an expo in Harare, These kits were successfully promoted. Visitors of the stall wrote comments on a T-Shirt. Comments were written by several people a.o. the Mayor of Harare and a Member of Parliament from Harare West. Visitors loved the DFG kits and some corporate companies have expressed interest to use their CSR for buying the kits. More at https://www.daysforgirls.org/

Ghana, Guzakuza, Nana,
“We talk too much.. so let’s get to work….” says Nana, a 2015 kanthari graduate. Nana is a social change maker, she is promoting agriculture especially among girls and women in her country, Ghana.  Learn more about her impact making programs at http://www.guzakuza.org/news.html

Kenya, Hope-Restoration, Stephen Onyang
On the 1st Jan 2016 Stephen Onyang and his wife Mary opened the first Albert Schweizer School in Kenya for 80 aids orphans.. One day later they had 160 students! It is inspiring to see what impact kanthari graduates are making in the life of many young children around the world! More at; http://hope-restoration.org/

India, Yurt on Wheels, John Peter
Yurt-on-wheels, founded by kanthari John Peter is an organisation that works with Gypsy community children, called Narikuravar. Currently 20 children, who now also attend mainstream school, are coming to the center and 10 parents received livelihood support for their families. Learn more about the great work of Yurt on Wheels at: Yurton Wheels Foundaton.

Nepal, Real Nepal, Rajendra Prasad Dhital
Rajendra lives a life with certain challenges. Rajendra is blind and comes from Nepal. He is the founder of REAL NEPAL. Rajendra has a vision to improve the lives of the blind in his country.. Watch his dream speech to learn more about his plans for a better tomorrow!
You can watch all dream speeches from the 2016 kanthari graduates via links on this webpage.

Opening of Kerala’s first Green Technology Park

“Imagine if trees gave off Wifi signals, we would be planting so many trees and we’d probably save the planet too. Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe.” – Tarun Sarathe – First GREEN TECHNOLOGY CENTRE inaugurated in Kerala. Dr.T.N.Seema, Ex MP, Vice Chair Person, Haritha Keralam Mission, Govt of Kerala inaugurated the first GTC at kanthari. The Green Technology Centre is an institutional set up to provide hands on experience, knowledge and support for implementing and popularizing green technologies.  The first GTC was set up by Shyam Kumar of Innovation eXperience in partnership with kanthari. During the inauguration the speakers emphasized the importance of a mindset shift towards the production and use of water, food, energy, housing and social welfare.

UN Model Assembly at kanthari

On the 21st of April, the 360 Degree Model United Nations Assembly 2017 was inaugurated at the kanthari campus. Honorable Guest was Dr Shashi Tharoor who shared his experiences with the UN with students who came from all over India. Sabriye Tenberken, co-founder of #kanthari welcomed the participants and wished them a fruitful model Assembly.


Rajagopal PV is the founder of Ekta Parishad, an organisation that uses the Gandhian technique of foot-marches to galvanize greater support among the poor. Rajagopal visited kanthari where he shared his experiences and views. A quote of his talk: “Every government has a defense ministry?. Why doesn’t have any government Ministries for Peace?” A film was made about the power of people marching, watch the trailer at http://www.millionscanwalk-film.com/en/

– SPECIAL VISITOR at kanthari: Parvathi, a 38 year old lady that doesn’t live too far away enjoyed her stay at the kanthari campus and all our participants and our colleagues enjoyed meeting her! Many had never met a lady of this size and shape! Parvathi is an Elephant!

Chilla INDIA is a home for children of sex workers. During a visit to #kanthari as part of their summer camp, the children interacted with the #kanthari founders as well as with the Admin Manager Mr Ajith Kumar. The children learned about the kanthari course as well as the eco-friendly and cost effective way the campus is built. More information about chilla at: http://anannia.org/chilla/

– For a special week during which the participants at kanthari focused on development / environment and climate change, we had a special visitor. Dr Nandu, a climate change expert brought a lot of insight and expertise! Several sessions and debates led to a better understanding how all different aspects of life are inter-dependent and how they affect our world.

kanthari in the media

– On the 10th of May 2017, the documentary ‘kanthari, change from within’ was screened at the EU in Brussels. The film shows the work of four kantharis in East Africa who despite big challenges, are making a positive impact within their communities. Have a look at the clip below and learn more about the film at: http://kantharichangefromwithin.com/
– The opening of the Green Technology Park at the kanthari campus was covered in the Times of India.
– Rahel Zageye from Ethiopia, Sherin Noordheen from India and Sabriye Tenberken represented kanthari in an interview on Trivandrum’s Club FM radio station.


– On the 14th of June 2017, Paul Kronenberg spoke at the Alanus University for Arts and Social Sciences in Bonn.
– A presentation about kanthari was given by Paul Kronenberg at the Europaschool in Bornheim.
– On the 25th of June 2017, Paul Kronenberg spoke and screened the documentary film “kanthari – change from within” was presented at the Indienweek in Cologne.

Dear friends and supporters,

On behalf of all of our participants and colleagues, we say THANK YOU for your ongoing interest and support.  Also we thank you for sharing this newsletter within your network.
We wish you a spicy and wonderful summer.

With very best regards,
The entire kanthari team, sabriye and paul

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