smiling image of BijuParticipant Name: Biju Simon

Country: India
Focus group: Children in shelter homes 
kanthari colour: Green 
Area of interest: Education
Organisation: Ether India
Project Brief: Biju has been working with children in shelter homes for a long time and has experienced the lack of adequate education, especially in regards to communication skills. Through relevant and fun methods, games and interesting experiences, he wants to prepare children for a better future

smiling image of JoshuaParticipant Name: Chiamba Joshua Anyeah

Country: Cameroon
Focus group: Widows, orphans, single mothers and teenage mothers 
kanthari colour: Green 
Area of interest: Education
Organisation: Rudec
Project Brief: Joshua started his Rural Development Centre (RUDEC) many years ago. Its mission is to seek means to support underprivileged people and communities in rural Cameroon with specific focus on orphans, widows, and teenage mothers/single mothers. He empowers its beneficiaries through workshops and collaboration with village schools.

smiling image of Imkong

Participant Name: Imkong Wati

Country: India
Focus group: Addicted youth
kanthari colour: Green
Area: Empowerment/Education
Project Brief: Imkong comes from the North/eastern state Nagaland. He had studied in a priest seminary but was eager to leave to be there for the many youth who are alcohol, drug and internet addicted.

smiling image of Rahel

Participant Name: Rahel Zegeye Zewudu

Country: Ethiopia, lives and works in Lebanon
Focus group: Migrant workers 
kanthari colour: Red 
Area of interest: Advocacy and raising awareness in regards to Human Right
Organisation: Mesewat
Project Brief: Being herself a migrant worker in Lebanon, Rahel, has experienced firsthand unfair and inhuman treatment for many years. Her dream project is to build a network to strengthen the work of the migrant community leaders who want to improve the lives of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon.


smiling image of Henry

Participant Name: Henry Mkare

Country: Kenya
Focus group: Youth from low income families 
kanthari colour: Red 
Area of interest: Advocacy in regards to education 
Organisation: Kickstart Kilifi
Project Brief: Henry has experienced unfair treatment as a young man wanting to gain knowledge. The youth in Kenya doesn’t get chances according to their achievements but only according to their means to pay. Many parents in Kenya are not able to afford school fees for their children. 
Henry’s vision is to collaborate with like-minded friends to start the Bamba Ward Students Association (BWUSA) which will tackle the educational crisis in Kenya.
We came together to have a strong voice to demand our rights in bursary allocations, source for funds from well-wishers, conduct fundraising to make sure no one remains at home due to high school fees.

smiling image of Peter

Participant Name: Peter Adeeko

Country: Nigeria
Focus group: Widows and orphans of military service personal
kanthari colour: Red
Area of interest: Advocacy in regards to support
Organisation: Soulace Africa
Project Brief: Peter lost his father, an injured soldier, when he was only nine years old. His mother passed away not long after she fell ill after the loss of her husband. He was then raised by his teenage brother, who himself succumbed to alcohol abuse and became violent. Accessing education was tough. Despite these challenges, Peter managed to be educated and is now creating and distilling a message of peace and solidarity through his organization Soulace Africa.

Soulace Africa helps young people to find peace and contentment through peacebuilding training, participatory advocacy and empowerment of families affected by war.
This initiative is community based and works on a scalable project that is anchored on  restorative peacebuilding and social justice.  The long term vision is the establishment of Soulace Peace Village, an eco-friendly, green campus, a centre for Peacebuilding and Nonviolence training, Advocacy and Research.


smiling image of Manita

Participant Name: Manita Vivatsethachai

Country: Thailand
Focus group: Urban community 
kanthari colour: Green/orange 
Area of interest: Environment
Organisation: Pakdone
Project Brief: Manita worked in a dairy company where she suggested zero waste management and self-sustainable solutions. But her suggestions were ignored. She quit and started her own social venture that serves as a model center focusing on producing healthy soil. Manita Vivatsethachai wants to promote recycling of organic waste.

Smiling image of Sherin

Participant Name: Sherin Noordheen

Country: India
Focus group: Children and young adults with mental health challenges
kanthari colour: Red/Green 
Area of interest: Advocacy and awareness in regards to prevention 
Organisation: Let's Live
Project Brief: Sherin has experienced mental health challenges. Catch Them Young – Make them Self Sufficient!
Sherin’s project works on awareness aimed at detecting any emotional, behavioral, and/or psychological problems in children and young adults.

smiling image of Gbemisola

Participant Name: Gbemisola Bamiduro

Country: Nigeria
Focus group: Unemployed youth 
kanthari colour: Purple/orange 
Area of interest: Entreprenuership
Organisation: Kipepeo
Project Brief: Gbemisola is an artist herself and earns an income through her art work. Over the years, she experienced that her peers don’t have the same opportunities. This is something she wants to change. Solving the problem related to unemployment and reducing the crime rate of adolescents, Gbemisola’s social venture is aimed at youth empowerment, capacity building and skill development in the area of painting and arts in general.

smiling image of Emmanuel

Participant Name: Emmanuel Kilaso

Country: Nigeria
Focus group: Rural farmer 
kanthari colour: Yellow/orange
Area: Environment/agriculture
Organisation:  securecycle
Project Brief: Emanuel comes from a farmer’s family and therefore he knows farmers most urgent needs. His concern towards the environment inspired him to start an initiative with the following goals; keeping the environment clean, generating income for poor rural farmers and to providing support to produce healthier agricultural produce. Additionally he is using organic waste to generate bio gas.

smiling image of Pannavat

Participant Name: Pannavat Veeraburinon (Palm)

Country: Thailand
Focus group: Youth
kanthari colour: Red/Green 
Area of interest: Advocacy and awareness in regards to education
Organisation: HYPPER 
Project Brief: Peace is simple is a global youth community of peace-builders. Pannavat Veeraburinon, or better known as Palm, is part of this initiative which targets youth around the world who are passionate about improving their communities.

smiling image of Gumbo

Participant Name: Gumbo Majubwa

Country: Tanzania
Focus group: Rural communities and environment
kanthari colour: Green/red
Area of interest: Environment
Organisation: ambakofi
Project Brief: When I was 24 years old the forest of my happy childhood in Bagamoyo District, on the East coast of Tanzania started to be degraded. Every time, I see trees being cut, anger haunts me so much, I could cry. Between 2005 and 2008 I studied environmental planning and management at the Institute of Rural Development Planning Dodoma Tanzania. I work at the Tanzania Coastal Management Partnership – Pwani Project. Then for the short period of time work at Prawnto organization, Wildlife Conservation Society Tanzania in research work, and volunteer with Saving Africas Nature – Sana. Now I started ambakofi, an organisation that creates an eco-friendly community surrounded by an agro-forest which will be a source of livelihood and a start to revive our valuable forest land in Tanzania.

smiling image of Im

Participant Name: Phorntip Limpichaisopon (Im)

Country: Thailand
Focus group: Vulnerable youth
kanthari colour: Orange 
Area: Entrepreneurship
Organisation: HappyHub
Project Brief: group called the Can Do Team. Now they went a step further by initiating Caf Can Do, a social entrepreneurship that is going to be the center for training volunteers for community work. Caf Can Do is a small restaurant in Thungkru District. It provides delicious food and convenient rooms for meetings or workshops.

smiling image of Tony

Participant Name: Joy Tony

Country: Nigeria
Focus group: Women and girls with low income
kanthari colour: Green/orange 
Area of interest: Education/environment 
Organisation: Durian
Project Brief:
 Joy Tony lived near a community that finds their means of livelihood on a dump site. With she trains and engages women and girls in rural communities, especially around dump sites, into transforming waste to value added products. His work serves two important parts: In addition to generate income, also the local environment is getting cleaned.

smiling image of Danijela

Participant Name: Danijela Veselinovic

Country: Serbia
Focus group: Children and youth with special needs
kanthari colour: Green/orange 
Area of interest: Entreprenueurship
Organisation:   WakeUp Society
Project Brief: Danijela experienced arthritis and thus can identify with the challenges of persons with disabilities in Serbia. Danijela plans to organise creative workshops that will motivate children with a special need to be professionally oriented and learn more about design from professional designers. Focus points will be: modelling, tailoring and garment making.

smiling image of Alfred

Participant Name: Alfred Okello

Country: Uganda
Focus group:Blind and people with physical disabilities 
kanthari colour: Green/Orange 
Area of interest: Disability
Organisation: Otet Uganda
Project Brief: Alfred, blind himself, was trained by Hive Uganda Limited to become a beekeeper. Ojok Simon, the founder of Hive Uganda Limited is a kanthari graduate of 2012. Alfred’s idea is to bring the training of the blind forward to other people with disabilities as well. Next to bee keeping he wants to provide training in daily living skills and farming.

smiling image of Naresh

Participant Name: Lingala Naresh

Country: India
Focus group:Rural farmers
kanthari colour: Green
Area: Agriculture/Education
Organisation:  Tharunam
Project Brief: Lingala Naresh is the son of a rural farmer who currently has no means to be digitally literate. More than 65% of people in India are still depending upon the farming sector and the results of the digital revolution are not reaching this sector. “Young farmers in the village advised me to stay away from farming and parents don’t like to see their children becoming farmers. I was born in a tribal village called Duginepally that is situated on the banks of the Godavari River, Telangana. I started an initiative called ‘tharunam’ to address agricultural crisis and climate change through food literacy programs.  Through these programs, 'tharunam' empowers individuals about healthy food choices and natural farming practices that are cost effective, climate resilient and healthy for farmers and consumers. Our healthy food choices impact both economic and ecological conditions. In the other side, understanding the role of farmers in environmental conservation and food security reduces the societal pressure on the farming profession.”

smiling image of Manju

Participant Name: Manju Sharma

Country: India
Focus group: Rural farmers
kanthari colour: Red/green 
Area of interest: Education and advocacy
organisation: Samatwa
Project Brief: Project Brief: Manju is physically disabled due to an accident she had as a flight attendant. She also experienced the difficulties that children with disabilities face. Manju has a deaf sister who struggled with her education, therefore she wants to promote inclusive education and advocate for better infrastructural facilities for the disabled.
Her dream is to establish an educational institution where disabled citizens get equal share of knowledge thus being enabled to gain better and have more suitable employment opportunities. It’s we who make the society. The stereotypes need to be challenged to bring people from the disabled and marginalised sections into the mainstream, thus contributing to economical, ethical & social growth of our society.

smiling image of Kapila

Participant Name: Kapila Rathnayake

Country: Sri Lanka
Focus group:Men
kanthari colour: Purple
Area:Gender empowerment
Organisation: Voices of Humans
Project Brief: ‘Voice of Men’ is a theatrical experience about masculine and feminine culture. Through performance men and women speak out and challenge rigid gender stereotypes and they express their stories based on the stereotypical construction of their gendered self. It will create a dialog to motivate men to re-think their day-to-day practices leading to healthy relationships and not power-based relationships.

smiling image of Sadhana

Participant Name: Sadhana Nayak

Country: India
Focus group: Women suffering from domestic violence 
kanthari colour: Red 
Area: Gender empowerment
Organisation: Sadhan
Project Brief: Project Brief: Sadhana has experienced physical and mental violence and escaped her house together with her small son. She now wants to advocate for a society that stands for zero tolerance on domestic violence. Family counseling and connecting victims of domestic violence with the existing governmental welfare schemes are the focus of her project idea.

smiling image of Anumuthu

Participant Name: Anumuthu Chinnaraj

Country: India
Focus group: Street children
kanthari colour: Orange/green
Area of interest: Agriculture
Organisation: Snehan
Project Brief: When Anumuthu’s father passed away, he was not able to go to school. Therefore, he and his mom started working as daily laborers when Anumuthu was only seven years old. He worked alongside adults in the hot sun and was expected to yield the same harvest like the grown-ups.
At 11 he was lucky to enroll into school and he became a filmmaker. He however quit his profession to work with homeless deprived people on the streets of Pondicherry, to edit and bring changes in their real lives. According to me, everyone is important and valuable. Having firsthand knowledge of poverty, hunger, rejection, loneliness and depression, Anumuthu's vision is to see a culture where deprived homeless people are accepted, valued, loved and live together as normal human beings in society. This is what his organisation Snehan is all about.

smiling image of Arthanas

Participant Name: Arthanas Matongo

Country: Zimbabwe
Focus group:Young girls from rural areas 
kanthari colour: Red/green 
Area of interest: Advocacy
Organisation: Waruka Academy
Project Brief: Arthanas’ sisters were married off at the age of 14 or 15. Many girls in Zimbabwe face child marriages and often even become HIV positive. To keep young girls in schools and to save them from too early marriages, Arthanas wants to start a program that advocates against child marriage and offers alternative opportunities.

smiling image of Chris

Participant Name: Chris Mukasa kivali

Country: Kenya
Focus group:Youth
kanthari colour: Purple
Area of interest: empowerment through art
Project Brief: Chris feels that the African youth is voiceless. Thus he founded Fatuna, a platform for youth to express their ideas and critical thoughts through poetry and music. Fatuna is a 50 years old woman who was born without a voice. She, so Chris, must have a million words stored in her, just like African youth. Chris Mukasa wants to open the door for these hidden voices.