Smiling picture of Abiodun AyanwaleAbiodun Ayanwale, Nigeria

Founder of BoldImpact Nigeria.
We support youth by building their capacity in using Agriculture as an economic tool and employment strategy. We focus on organic food processing which is an alternative to consumption of food that is processed with chemicals and which is detrimental to human health. BoldImpact promotes health through good food habits. We work to;
- solve the problem of youth unemployment in Nigeria
- help marginalized youth in the society
- help youth become a driving force in Nigeria economy and
- bring out the creativity in Nigerian youth. Watch Abioduns' dream speech at
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Smiling picture of Ako PeterAko Peter, Cameroon

Founder Megwah
At Megwah we support children and youths from 5 to 30 years in Cameroon to solve environmental problems in their communities.
At Mewag we work to:
- Reduce the alarming Deforestation rate in Cameroon.
- Raise young Environmental Ambassadors that will champion the course for a safer and greener planet
- Promote Organic Agriculture through the use of indigenous seeds
- Work with communities experiencing water shortages to make water accessible and available to all.
- raise youth leaders and we wish to see an eco-friendly population in Cameroon. Watch Ako's dream speech at
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Smiling picture of Amrita GyawaliAmrita Gyawali, Nepal

I envision a world without barriers and discrimination. My project promotes equal opportunity for jobs and barrier free environment, both physical and attitudinal barrier. With my organization I want the employers and the potentials employees with disabilities to come together and understand each other better. I am working to create an environment in which persons with disabilities will give their 100% and the employers will give them employment on the basis of merits. Watch the dream speech at
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Smiling picture of Aparna GopanAparna Gopan, India

I want to see a strong Fourth Estate (Press) which is powerful enough to build people-centered global movements to bring down corrupt systems and replace it with self-evolving and sustainable policies. My project will be Independent, compelling, factual, challenging, people-centered, non-conventional, non-mainstream media, global force and against the status quo. Our organisation will provide visibility and give a voice to those who are rendered invisible and voiceless. Because people can be their own story-tellers and problem-solvers. Watch the dream speech at
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Smiling picture of Atul SahayAtul Sahay, India

I want to change my blind community in Jharkand from within and inspire the larger community to celebrate life. I want the blind in my community not only to be able to stand up and speak up for themselves but also to understand that they need to contribute to society. Watch Atul's dream speech at

Smiling picture of FemiTitilayo Femi, Nigeria

Founder Lead Initiative
My aim is for providing the youth of Nigeria hope for livelihood and success. The objectives of Lead Initiative are: a. Equipping Student Leaders from 20 Institutions with skills needed for enhanced productivity and strategic engagement in the educational, agricultural and Environmental sector. The goal is to create better policies and funding of this sector before year 2021. b. To secure a 30% increase in youth’s involvement to study and participate in the environmental and agricultural sector within the next 5 years. c. Transform and equip 500 youths within the next 5 years to own outstanding and marketable innovations having explored the needs in the Agricultural value chains. Watch Femi's dream speech at
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Smiling picture of John MwangiJohn Mwangi, Kenya

Founder of Umoja
My organization Umoja identifies, trains and mentors Kenyan farmers in business skills. They are equipped with skills in marketing, accounting and writing of business plans. This training helps these farmers to run their farms in an eco-friendly and sustainably way. Watch John's dream speech at

Smiling picture of JumokeJumoke Arigbede, Nigeria

Founder Nana Vision Initiative
I am a single mum who adopted two children who inspired me start my project . At Nana Vision Initiative we provide education and textile skill training to accomplish the ambitions of girl children in Nigeria. Through our organisation marginalised teenage girls between the age of 11 to 15 years, who, due to poverty and gender discrimination, might not be able to continue schooling after their primary school education, are being empowered to continue their education through textile skills and education. We want people to know that through skills acquisition and education the poverty circle can be broken. Watch Jumoke's dream speech at

Smiling picture of LilaLila Nath Pahadi, Nepal

Our organization Akshar Arambha supports disabled children so they can go to mainstream school hand-in-hand with non-disabled children, singing a song of education for all. Our objectives are: - Scholarship for 20 disabled children from the slum/poor families for 3 years - To conduct Campaign on superstitious belief, attitude and conceptual change on disability. - Develop a draft of disability friendly education shadow act for government authority - Lobby and advocacy to incorporate disability friendly education draft in education act. Watch the dream speech at
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Smiling picture of Mary EroMary Ero, Nigeria

I want to jolt young women living with HIV to confront and destroy the stereotypes that restrict their potential and consequently their survival both economically and physiologically. I also hope that in doing that the Nigerian society is forced to change the way People Living With HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) are viewed and included in daily and economic activities. We intend to accomplish this through both training in and the practice of television production and other entertainment or Art related activities. Watch the dream speech at

Smiling picture of MercyMercy Maungindze, Zimbwabwe

My organisation Simuka is an organisation that supports single mothers with albinism in Zimbabwe. We build their self-confidence and train them in entrepreneurship skills such as business management, marketing strategies etc. In doing this they can participate fully in their communities and earn a living for their families without any discrimination. Additionally I want to reduce the current percentage of single mothers with albinism in my country. To do this we work on intense campaign awareness programs to demystify the myths that mainly cause these women to become single mothers. Watch Mercy's dream speech at
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Smiling picture of ParthasarathyParthasarathy Kandasamy, India

My organisation Aravan is positioned at the national level working with and for the LGBTQI community to defend their rights, to reduce their health care risks, to reduce the impact of violence, abuse and harassment against them and to improve their livelihoods. ARAVANS concentrates on Socio, Economic, Cultural and Political empowerment of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) in Virudhunagar District. Watch Partha's dream speech at
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Smiling picture of Neeraj KumarNeeraj Kumar, India

Founder Khetee.
At Khetee we support farmers in Durdih, Bihar making their farms sustainable and profitable. We use a fer focused intervention model by promoting techniques like SRI. We also promote agriculture among youngsters through new methods. To let unemployed youth explore options in sustainable eco-friendly agriculture and to show that it is profitable. My organisation also focuses hemp and promoting eco-friendly uses of hemp fibre. I will also be practicing methods of rice intensification alongside. Watch Neeraj's dream speech at
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Smiling picture of Peter MarimiPeter Marimi, Nigeria

I want to empower youths for meaningful and creative participation in the promotion and preservation of ethical values. Using the different forms of media in a participatory way youths will be given a platform to introspect on their behaviour and find ways of improving the same. This will also be an environment in which they can be empowered with leadership skills to be leaders, not just of tomorrow, but of today as well. Being more responsible students will be able to put more effort on their studies while avoiding irresponsible behaviour and therefore succeed not just academically but in their social lives as well. This will translate into an improved economy and a country where citizens live in peace and harmony. Watch the dream speech at
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Smiling picture of RajasekharanRajasekharan VK, India

Having a disabled son and being disabled myself, my NGO Liberate is a project that focuses on society rehabilitation. In this project, people with disabilities are taking the lead. The contribution, enrichment made to society, achievements made by exemplary people with disabilities etc. is being presented to the public to develop a positive attitude. We organize special events and themes like Blind Café (where people can dine in the dark). Liberate sees a society (in Trivandrum) that will be rehabilitated through people with disabilities. Watch Rajashekaran's dream speech at
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Smiling picture of RajendraRajendra Prasad Dhital, Nepal

REAL Nepal is a non-profit social organization located in Panauti Municipality, Kavrepalanchok, Nepal. It was established in 2016 to address the problems of blind children aiming at ensuring their right to education and making them self dependent in the future.

REAL Nepal runs a residential set-up to house blind children as they come from very far away and need to walk for hours daily to reach home. "REAL Dream Home" started on 15th December, 2017. It is a residential educational training center/ preparatory school for blind children. This home accommodates 15 children from different remote parts of Nepal at present.

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Smiling picture of SonamSonam Mittal, India

Founder Azaadi
Azzadi Supports and enables women in India to live life without harassment and fear. We aim to make feminism 'cool' - Make women assertive, sassy and courageous enough to deal with and smash sexual harassment, at the workplace or on streets. - Make policies around prevention of sexual harassment at workplace accepted in workplaces and get them implemented quickly, efficiently and without negativity. Watch Sonam's dream speech at
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Smiling picture of Sophy

Sophy Resal, India

I want to start a new project called Save Sahya which will protect the Western Ghats that are currently under a mining threat. There are seven small streams originating from the mountain and those are the major water source of Vellarada village. The mining will negatively affect our water availability, environment, livelihood etc. Some of the villagers organised and started a social movement to protect the mountain. Through my project I want to develop a sustainable future plan to protect the mountain which includes awareness creation of the villagers, authenticated study about the specialties and importance of this particular mountain range, study about impacts of mining, conservation and restoration of natural resources etc. Watch the dream speech at

Smiling picture of FrancisTeh Francis, Cameroon

Founder of Enkindle Cameroon.
Enkindle Cameroon guides underprivileged women from a level of dependency to a level of independence in financial decisions. We do this by not focusing on their weaknesses but by discovering and igniting the potentials that are in them. One of the projects we carry out with rural women is providing access to hassle free loans through Table Banking. This banking system is all run and managed by the women without external control. Peer pressure serves as checks and balances. Once the women have a base they will not exhaust capital but will increase the same. Watch Teh's dream speech at
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