at kanthari we differentiate social change makers into 5 different categories.
1. Initiators (Green)
2. Inventors (Yellow)
3. Entrepreneur (Orange)
4. Advocate/Activist (Red)
5. Artist (Purple)


Green kanthari

Image of green chilliskanthari initiators want to create ethical social change by starting grass-root projects with alternative/new approaches. Schools for marginalized, training centers for the blind, environmental projects - these are only some of the many examples of initiatives that positively impact society.

Some characteristics of green kantharis are:

Teamwork: They enjoy working with people and have a strong team spirit.
Creativity: They have fun creating new concepts and innovative approaches to solve social problems.
Spice: They challenge the status quo and swim against the stream.
Passion: It helps them to continue work even if it is challenging.
Organization: They keep the overview and are able to plan and structure activities while motivating people in the team.

Green kanthari projects provoke a mind set or structure change to solve the problem at the root level, instead of treating the symptoms. Green kantharis can help catalyse their capacities in the areas of

Innovation: How to develop creative project ideas
Project management: How to structure processes and execute plans
Presentation: Convince donors and supporters with clear and passionate proposals and speeches
Fundraising: How to communicate with potential partners and donors and research for funding opportunities
Legal matters: How to start an organization.



Image of yellow chillisYellow kanthari

Yellow kantharis are inventors who create new products, strategies or concepts for social change. They can be active in the areas of environment, computer technology, accessibility for people with disabilities, agriculture, education and many more. The goal of their invention is to improve the living conditions of marginalized groups or protection of the environment.

Some of their characteristics are:

Thinking out of the box: Inventors come up with unconventional and alternative ideas.
Problem solving: Inventors take problems as an opportunity to find new solutions.
Open to share: Inventions are accessible for the public without restrictions of copyright or high costs.
Risk taking: Inventors see risk as an adventure and are not afraid of failure.
Convincing: They are able to convince even skeptical people. kanthari inventors bring vision and technical skills. kanthari provides them with the skills to go public and make inventions accessible to a broad range of users.

kanthari Inventors learn
Communication: How to explain complicated matters in an easy way.
Production processes: From the invention to the prototype to industrial production
Law: Copyright, patents, etc.
Finances: How to attract potential supporters and manage finances.
Environmental Awareness: How to make inventions environmental friendly.

Social Entrepreneur

Orange kanthariOrange kanthari image

Orange kanthari entrepreneurs use business as a tool for sustainable social change. The main goal is to create a positive social impact and not to focus only on  profit, but to use business ventures to find ways to create structures that benefit those who are usually left out.

Some of their characteristics are:

Structured thinking: They are able to analyze and plan processes
Vision: They are driven by a strong vision for social change that is more important than profit
Risk taking attitude: They leave the certainty of conventional business
Transparency: In process, goals and motivation
Logical thinking: They understand numbers and business processes
Informed: They know about needs, markets and opportunities for starting a business in their community.
For orange kantharis, business is only a tool to achieve their vision of social change. To be a kanthari entrepreneur it is not necessary to have a business background. A general interest in business processes is sufficient if combined with a strong vision and intrinsic interest for ethical social change.

kanthari can help them to develop their capacities and skills in the areas of
Communication: Clear and understandable writing and passionate presentation in public speech.
Basics of business: The knowledge that is necessary to start a business.
Business administration: How to run the business.
Financial management: How to deal with budgeting, bookkeeping etc.
Business for social change: How to use business as a tool to fulfill the vision for social change.
Marketing: How to detect markets, organize events and use social media.
Innovation: Strategies to create alternative approaches.



Red kanthariImage of red chillis

Red kantharis are advocates/activists who stand up for a world free from discrimination, negative attitudes or harmful norms. Their goal is to provoke a mindset change in their communities through advocacy.

Some of their characteristics are:

Courage: They have the guts to voice unpopular truths
Spice: They have fire in the belly, so they are authentic and convincing about their cause
Clear communication: They are able to explain even difficult matters in an easy way. It is the aim of our training to develop the qualities and characteristics of red kantharis to a new level so that they are able to advocate for their cause and create a successful social movement in their societies. The final goal is a mindset change to stop discrimination or harmful norms and practices. Therefore the training includes:
Public speech: How to get every audience off their chairs and convinced
Communication: How to write creative and spicy emails or press releases that pass the message
Media contacts: How to make the best use of media and deal with difficult questions
Campaigns: How to plan and implement campaigns to spread the message about the cause
Social marketing: How to use social media and build networks


Purple kanthariImage of purple chillis

kanthari artists use their creativity and art as a tool for making a difference. Musicians, painters, authors, filmmakers and many more, provoke a positive mind set change through their work.

Characteristics of purple kantharis are:

Expression: They are able to explain situations through understandable metaphors
Independent thinking: They are not afraid of public criticism and stand strong in their own opinion and style. Even when it gets tough they have the power to persevere and follow through a strong vision. There is a clear connection between arts and the dream of social change,
Creativity: in arts, thoughts, speech and writing
kanthari provides a space to exchange ideas with other artists, advocates and change makers.

Major training areas are:

Communication: In writing and public speech
Event and campaign management: Planning and organizing an event, an exhibition or a campaign Networking and social marketing
Media contacts: How to work with media
Financial planning: Fundraising and attracting supporters
Planning and organization: Structured thinking, action planning and self publishing