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INK Talk Sabriye Tenberken

Sabriye Tenberken lost her eyesight but never lost her vision. She traveled to Tibet, where they see blindness as a punishment for something done in a past life, with the aim to change mindsets about blindness.

Her message — "I'm blind, so what? I can do so many things."

In 2009, she and her partner Paul Kronenberg started "kanthari", an international Institute for social visionaries. Sabriye spoke at the INK conference in Cochin, India in October 2013 about transforming concepts. You can see the speech below.



One thought on “INK Talk Sabriye Tenberken

  1. prasanna

    Hats off to you !!! you really made me cry…I am not blind but i felt we are more blind than you are…coz you have more vision than any of the person i know.

    Thank you


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