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Smiling image of Ajith Kumar

Ajith Kumar T – Administration Manager

My name is Ajith Kumar. I completed my Post Graduation in Business Management at Chinthaman Rao College of Commerce, Maharahstra, presently known as Institute for Management and research (IIMR). I started my career as a Client Service Executive in an advertising agency in Pune and slowly moved into other areas of retail marketing, exports, and real estate. Most of my working years were spent in Bangalore, which gave me good exposure to the corporate culture and the urban way of life. But something was always missing in my life, I couldn’t pinpoint what. Then I realized that in this corporate environment, I was missing out on how the majority of Indian’s lived. I realized that we needed a second revolution to transform the lives of the underprivileged to bring them on par with main stream society. Revolution to me was always about transforming the lives of the poor and empowering them to stand on their own; rather than spoon feeding and bringing about a culture of dependence and protection. I have always shouted to myself the injustice meted out to the poor; but could not find a trigger for a non-political movement, which will help the poor and the distressed. The Revolution I saw during my teens included unnecessary strikes by politicians for the upliftment of the poor, or for some other trivial issues that never really left an impact on the lives of the underprivileged. Rather, it was merely used for political gains and for pushing personal agendas. It was then that I realized that my usefulness to society was limited and any chance of progression in this field was non-existent. I was merely flowing with the tide and not doing justice to my potential. My life was at cross roads, when destiny brought me before two people who had a clear vision and idea on how they can empower people to stand on their own and create positive social change. I did not want to let go of this wonderful opportunity to venture into a field which was near to my thoughts, and dear to my heart. So I decided to lend my full-fledged support to nurture and raise kanthari in India. Since 2009, it has been a pleasure to work at kanthari. I am now able to live my dream of being a social advocate whose wish is to fight injustices and work for social causes. Every day at kanthari is a learning experience to me, and I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing Project.

Smiling image of Soni Resal

Soni Resal – Intake Coordinator

Soni is a 2013 kanthari Graduate from Trivandrum, India. During her school days, the Pannimala Liberation Campaign (anti liquor movement 1993-2003) was in its height of activity. Soni was part of the movement along with her parents and other Kerala natives as they could see the impact of illicit liquor from different dimensions. This movement shaped her personal beliefs in many ways and inspired her to do something which is really needed by her community. So Soni joined the kanthari course 2013 to challenge the status quo of society where women are treated as secondary citizens. Her project is called “Genderless” – a society where everybody is treated equally irrespective of gender. Parallel to starting her project Soni joined the kanthari Team and since she took over responsibility of the intake selection process.

Smiling image of Santhosh

Santhosh George Joseph – Catalyst

Santhosh George Joseph is catalyst for Speech, Theatre and Media since February 2012. He has more than two decades of work experience in the field of ‘development communication’. He was trained by Badal Sircar (Third theatre) and Augusto Boal (Theatre of the oppressed). He extensively worked with grassroots communities in Madhya Pradesh using theatre as an empowerment tool. He has seven years of experience as a media education trainer working with Mediact, a media organisation based in Kerala. He was instrumental in developing a manual on audio visual language (2005) and new media literacy manual (2006) in the context of Kerala. At kanthari Santosh works with Sabriye in speech training workshops and creatively contributes to the theatrical/ musical productions of the kanthari participants. He also facilitates the exposure programes and social campaigns.

Smiling image of Poornima

Poornima – Catalyst

My name is Poornima, and i am a Catalyst with kanthari. I am a mother, a corporate sector drop-out and a firm believer in social change through individual empowerment. I believe in the enabler role kanthari plays in equipping individuals and shaping their visions with the right kind of skill-sets to make an impact in their communities. My 10-year corporate stint was spread across complex projects, designed and executed in various countries. I find new potential for my big takeaway from this earlier life – an ability to work in challenging, multi-cultural environments – in my Catalyst role at kanthari.

I see the kanthari model of empowerment as the way forward in ensuring sustainable change for marginalized communities across the world. kanthari has opened up a world of experiences to me. Here, I try to transfer my skills, knowledge and positive energy to the change-makers. In return, I find excitement in the priceless experience – of sharing life journeys with people, of contributing my mite to their fascinating visions of change.

Smiling image of Aravind

Aravind Bala – IT Coordinator

As a part of a workshop conducted by the ECB ( Empowerment Centre for the Blind) at kanthari, I came to know about this place and found it a perfect soil for the social change makers to grow. I see working here as a blessing. I am able to talk to many people from around the world, share experiences, watch them develop their dream into reality. During that process I always learn a lot.

Smiling image of Joseph

Joseph Mathew – Executive Chef

As a diploma holder in Hotel Management Joseph heads the team in the kitchen. He comes from the mountains of Wayanad and is a very friendly and jovial person. The cooking in kanthari is well-known for its fresh, healthy and tasty food and helps people from around the world to adapt to India.

Smiling image of Joseph

Ratheesh – Electrician, Maintenance

Ratheesh is an electrician by profession, but capable of doing everything and anything that comes his way. He played a crucial role in installing the solar power plant in our campus. He is also a person who is very much interested in Agriculture.

Smiling image of Ravi

Ravi – Gardner

Raveendran is one of our gardeners. Ravi, as everyone calls him, is very creative and hard-working. Together with our other gardener Rajan, he grows organic vegetables and also takes care of all the trees, plants and flowers that make the kanthari campus a lush and green habitat.

Smiling image of Chandralekha

Chandralekha – Kitchen Assistant

Chandralekha is well known for her cleanliness. She makes sure that the dining area and her work area is always clean and tidy and keeps all the kitchen utensils ready to be used at all times.

Smiling image of Salini

Salini John – Administration Academic Supporter

Salini holds a Bachelor in Commerce and a Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management (PGDHM) . She is a very systematic person and takes care of all our guests. She brings the best out of her staff and ensures that the campus is kept neat and clean. She is in charge of the Housekeeping department and also works as a bridge between the Academic team and the Administrative team.

Smiling image of Sreekantan

Sreekantan – Accounts Officer

My name is Sreekantan and I am the accountant at kanthari. I hold an MBA in Financial Management. I am making sure that kanthari has a transparent and effective accounting system. kanthari is a place where I love to work, a place that is nature friendly, with people who are very positive in their attitude from all over the world. I feel lucky to be a part of kanthari.

Smiling image of Sreekumar

Sreekumar – Liason Officer

A diploma holder in Hotel Management, he is the one person from whom we all can learn the Joy of Working. Always smiling and laughing makes working with him a pleasure. Sree Kumar takes over any task that comes his way with great enthusiasm and joy.

Smiling image of Arjunan

Arjunan – Security Supervisor

Mr. Arjunan is a retired Assistant Sub Inspector of Police of the Government of Kerala. He is a person from the location where kanthari is situated and is well connected and respected by the people.

Smiling image of Beena

Beena – House Keeping Attendant

kanthari is a good organization that works for a better society. The people who come here to study go back to be a contributing member of our society. The good behaviour of all the staff, and that kanthari is situated very near to my house attracts me to kanthari. I forget all my worries when I am at kanthari.

Smiling image of Geetha

Geetha – House Keeping Attendant

kanthari for me is a very good organization. It is situated very near to my house. The founders and all the staff, behave very nicely to me So, I love to come to kanthari.

Smiling image of Rajeev

Rajeev – Security

I feel very happy to work at kanthari. Unlike other organizations, kanthari has a friendly and stress free working atmosphere. Although I joined kanthari as security gurard for my living; now I feel that I am also indirectly involved with the social activities of kanthari. I have not been engaged and involved in any social activities before, but now at my work place, I will use all the opportunities effectively to engage in social activities.

Smiling image of Sunil

Sunil Kumar – Purchase Assistant

I am very much fond of kanthari. It is a very good organization that works for a better society. I come to kanthari with lots of happiness. I thank Paul & Sabriye for initiating this venture in my village. Once again I express thousand thanks to both of you.

Smiling image of Rajan

Rajan – Gardner

I work as a gardner at kanthari growing organic vegetables. All the staffs and participants love me and behave nicely to me. I too love them a lot. I am committed to the work i do, and feel proud and happy to produce quality organic vegetables for all of us.

Smiling image of Abin

Abin Punnoose – Chef

I am happy to support all the people who come to kanthari with an intention to transform the society in a positive way. This gives me a positive energy to stay and work at kanthari.

Smiling image of Mini

Mini – Housekeeping Attendant

kanthari is a socially responsible organization. All the staffs working here treat everyone with equal respect and works for the betterment of the organization. I am proud to be a member of kanthari.

Smiling image of Om Prakash

Om Prakash – Chef

I like kanthari because of the good environment, good people, good participants and that kanthari is a social organization. It is for the first time I am working in a NGO. I work as a cook. It is quite different from the hotels I have worked before. I love my work and kanthari.

Smiling image of Ayyappan

Ayyappan – Maintenance Assistant

kanthari is an organization that helps the under privileged to take their life forward with confidence, I work as maintenance assistant at kanthari. All the people whom I work with, and the participants from all over the world are very nice and loving. I am very much motivated through these people to work at kanthari.

Smiling image of Sunil

Sunilkumaran Thampi – Security

I work as security guard at kanthari. I like the working environment, surroundings and the activities carried out by kanthari.

Smiling image of Suresh

Suresh – Security

I work as security Guard at kanthari. I am interested in organizations that work for a social cause and that’s the reason, I like kanthari. My Aunt A.K.Rajamma is a famous Social worker and I am also oriented to work for a better society.

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