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The kanthari Campus


The kanthari campus is designed in a low cost and eco friendly way and offers an inspiring working environment. Some of the eco-friendly features are:
– Use of rainwater harvesting
– Natural air conditioning
– Solar energy
– Wind energy
– Grey water treatment
– Pedal water pumps
– Ecosan toilets: The “liquids” are separated from the “solids”. The solids go into the bio-gas system and the liquids are being used as fertilizer.
– Anti ant channels
– Use of Indirect light
– Low consumption solar LED streetlights
– Low cost construction materials as mud
– Bio-gas systems
– Floating Island based on used pet bottles
– Water storage tank made of used pet bottles
– Compost production
– Bio-vegetables cultivation


kanthari shop ‘spread the spice’


‘spread the spice’ is the new kanthari shop that recently opened its doors on the Campus:

It provides the real touch and taste of kanthari through its branded and home-made products.
The shop wants to be a marketing springboard that spreads the idea and philosophy, but especially the spice and energy of kanthari into the world.
Visit us when in Kerala!